Trigger finger is a condition that limits finger movements, the said condition affects mainly the tendons in the finger. Like Dupuytrens disease, there is no known or proven cause for trigger finger. Sheffield Physiotherapy is a private clinic offering treatment for trigger finger and related symptoms.

This condition most commonly affects women, those whose age falls between 40-60 years old are most at risk of developing this condition. It can also occur in those who are suffering from medical problems such as diabetes.

Symptoms are: swelling, lump in the palm and catching and locking when bending or straightening the finger. There are several treatment options for this condition including surgery and non surgical procedures including physiotherapy, medications, rest and injection. Physiotherapy involves treatment of the entire musle and tendon unit affected.

A few weeks is the estimated recovery period but 6 months is the expected for the total disappearance of swelling and stiffness.