Physiotherapy Sheffield

Physiotherapy is a form of treatment, which aims to promote and assist the body to heal. This may be from a condition that developed gradually or as the result of something like a sports injury or car accident.
We have chartered physiotherapists offering a comprehensive range of treatments to help you recover quickly from injury. Whether you’re suffering with an injured elbow, a sprained ankle, or severe back pain, we are dedicated to getting you quickly back to your best.
The first time you attend for a course of physiotherapy the therapist will work through an assessment with you to determine the nature of your problem. This involves a detailed analysis of how you injured yourself and the ways in which it is affecting your life. The physiotherapist will examine the injured area and assess the effect your injury is having on your movement and function.
Treatment can begin during the initial session and you may be given some exercises to be doing at home. The physiotherapist will also explain their diagnoses of your condition, giving you a good indication of how long your recovery should take and the amount of treatment required.

Physiotherapy may include the following elements:


  • Arm Pain SheffieldJoint mobilisation and manipulation – helps restore normal mobility to joints, reducing the pain caused by their stiffness.
  • Soft tissue treatments – helps reduce muscle spasm and improve the local circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Electrotherapy – helpful in reducing pain and inflammation after injury.
  • Acupuncture – causes the release within the brain of the bodies own pain relieving chemicals.
  • Personal exercise and rehabilitation programs – aim to return people to their work, sport and hobbies and teach exercises to prevent recurrence of the injury.

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