What is Theraflex Treatment?

Theraflex is a ‘vertebral mobiliser’ which helps us to treat and relieve back and neck pain and also relieve pressure on nerves which have become trapped as they leave the spine.

It’s a special tool we use in our clinic to help us to mobilise the individual segments in your spine. Physical mobilisation has long been known to be the primary treatment for mechanical disorders of the spine and Theraflex is a logical extension of this treatment offering quicker and more consistent restoration of lost movement and therefore relief of pain from the spine.

What do we mean by “Mobilising The Vertebrae” and how does this treatment help to relieve back pain?

While it’s possible to restore movement to the spine through treatment with just the hands and exercise, this is a difficult and time-consuming process. Theraflex allows the therapist to mobilise the spine in a way that is unobtainable by hand alone.

It realigns the spine by stimulating a muscle reflex then slightly rotates each vertebra in turn, progressively restoring lost movement during each session. When you’re seized up and in pain, solutions that work quickly are ideal.

Why does Theraflex work better than treatment by hand alone?

Tight muscles and tendons in addition to stiff and inflexible areas of the spine can cause pain and difficulty moving correctly. Theraflex helps to loosen up these stiff and painful areas, restoring movement and encouraging healing. One unique benefit is its ability to reduce damaging overstrain within the spine which results in long-term pain and muscle spasm. As the overstrain is reduced the body naturally relaxes the muscles which were causing the discs to bulge, the joints to be inflamed and the nerves to be trapped often resulting in long- term improvement of symptoms.

Is Theraflex more uncomfortable than treatment by hand alone?

While the Theraflex handset might look like it would be more uncomfortable than treatment with just the hands, the process is actually relaxing and even pleasant. The handset uses compressed air to move the feet, these will not apply excessive pressure because they adapt automatically to variations in the available movement of the spine. The handset is controlled by the physiotherapist, and is a tool which helps them achieve more improvement in spinal mobility during each session than they would otherwise be able.

How often and how many treatments will I need?

The speed of recovery is always dependent on the severity of the injury and the length of time it has been causing problems. Most people will notice improvement with one or two treatments and a typical course of treatment is 6-8 sessions to get people back to sport or their pre-injury level of activity.

Can Theraflex help me?

If you’ve had a long-term spinal problem that is not getting any better, Theraflex may work for you where traditional physiotherapy sessions have failed. We’ve had such great results from patients who have had Theraflex sessions. If you have an injury and you’re wondering if it might benefit from this treatment we offer a free 30minute physiotherapy consultation with an experienced physiotherapist.

They will assess your condition and advise you of the most appropriate treatment to get you back to your best as soon as possible.

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