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“I have known John since 2002 when he was recommended to me by a patient of his. I had suffered from chronic Achilles tendonitis for a number of years and really wanted to get some relief from the pain which was severely restricting my ability to exercise as I wanted to.

I was impressed by John’s clear diagnosis and he talked through an appropriate treatment plan and rehabilitation programme at the end of my first visit. I had some immediate relief from my discomfort and attended regularly over a period of about four months at the end of which time I was completely pain free and exercising regularly to a high level of fitness. I have been able to continue with quite strenuous exercise since with only occassional treatment sessions needed to maintain this level of activity without injury.

I have seen John occasionally for other minor injuries and three years ago he helped me to recover after a clavicle break. I have also recommended John to friends and family and referred patients from my Tai Chi and Shiatsu practice all of whom have reported positive experiences with John.

It is clear to me that John has excellent diagnostic skills, can provide a wide range of treatment options and is interested in rehabilitation and education to help manage recurring problems encouraging patients to help themselves by offering appropriate advice. He also continually updates his skills and is always looking to improve the service he offers. I have no reservations at all in recommending John Wood to anyone seeking high quality physiotherapy treatment, advice and support.”

David Lipka

“John Wood has made a great difference to the quality of my life over the recent weeks. I have for some months been suffering a great deal of pain in my back, which has meant that it has curtailed my activities greatly and it had been difficult to work. I have had six treatment sessions, and have had treatment with the PAMM machine on my back.

He has advised me on what exercises would be most beneficial. The result has been a very marked improvement, and I am able to once again go for long walks and do more energetic sessions with my personal trainer. The venue for treatment is very pleasant and relaxing and I thoroughly recommend John as a practitioner.”

Ann Buckley

“I came to John 6 months ago with a complicated set of symptoms that affected my back, neck, arms and hands. I had been to see many different specialists prior to seeing John, both through the NHS and privately. No-one seemed able to help me and I came to him with little hope of getting any significant improvement.

I was in pain and the neurological symptoms in my arms and hands meant that they were simply not doing what they should be doing. I was frightened and worried by my symptoms. Furthermore, I couldn’t work and my mood was very low as a result.

John treated me using a combination of cupping, acupuncture and massage to improve the circulation of areas affected by RSI. He used the PAMM machine to mobilise the soft tissues of my stiff thoracic spine (stiffened through a back injury and then worsened by long hours of standing). One by one, all of my symptoms were addressed in a systematic fashion. Treatments initially at weekly intervals became fortnightly, as things started to improve. 6 months on and I am seeing John once a month for the last vestiges of my symptoms. I am 95% better and back in work. John Wood is an excellent Physiotherapist and I highly recommend him.”

Deepa Shetty

“I injured my Achilles tendon 5 years ago and suffered chronic pain that interfered with my favourite leisure pursuit – hill walking. I tried a variety of treatments – medications and ointments prescribed by GP but all to no effect. I had to make a lot of changes to my walking pastime and limited myself to short walks on flat ground. Having decided to go on a walking holiday in the Italian Alps I knew I needed to try and get my tendon sorted out.

I did not have much confidence that my injury could be repaired after such a long time but hoped for some symptomatic relief so I started treatment with John Wood at Sheffield Physiotherapy. John was optimistic from the start that my injury could be improved and I received a range of treatments – ultra-sound, cupping and massage.

After 4 months of treatment the pain and swelling was completely cleared and I was discharged. I’m back walking the hills and when I hear friends and colleagues complain of tendon injury I tell them not to ignore it and get to Sheffield Physiotherapy.
John Wood at Sheffield Physiotherapy is a very professional, positive and approachable practitioner who uses a wide range of treatments and approaches and I will make sure I never delay in seeking treatment again.”

Jo Zasada

“John – Just to let you know I completed the New York Marathon in 3.24.40 finishing 3560th (top 9%) the knee was fine throughout the race and no after effects other than the usual. Problem now is I can’t find any motivation to go running. Thanks for all your help mate. It’s really appreciated and I don’t think I would have done it without you. NOT looking forward to seeing you again – if you know what I mean.”

David Palmer

“I started with back pain, then sciatica. I had already seen a physio, chiropractic and an acupuncturist. After two months I could only walk a few steps. Pain was horrific in my lower back and down my left leg. I had an M.R.I. scan revealing a large disc prolapse on my L5/S1 disc. I had two micro-discectomy operations on this disc, and pain relief injections on facet joints.

I improved, but still had pain and discomfort. I was depressed and my life was limited. My doctor gave me John Wood’s number at Sheffield Physiotherapy. I made an appointment, but did not hold much hope. Slowly I began to improve, my very active life eventually returned to normal.
I have no hesitation in recommending John Wood at Sheffield Physiotherapy for treatment for minor and major back problems.”

Mrs S. Hobson

“Dear John. I would like to say a huge thank you for the physiotherapy and support you gave me in the week leading up to the London marathon.

At the beginning of the week, I didn’t think I would be able to run three miles, let alone 26!! But with your expertise using physio and other techniques I managed it! I’m not sure I would have done it without your support.

So, man, many thanks again.”

Jane Webber

“I would fully recommend anyone suffering with muscular back pain to have treatment with Mr John Wood.

I have suffered daily with back pain for the last seven years and have tried numerous treatments (Chiropractor, Osteopath, acupuncture, hospital pain clinic, anti-depression medication, MRI scan & and a private consultation with a back specialist).

After my first treatment with John my back felt significantly easier, & I am convinced by the “cupping” treatment, brilliant!”

Selina Akers

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