If you are suffering from any kind of stress fracture, or suspect that you need professional assessment then your general practioner is the first person that you should consult. If they recommend physiotherapy treatment then contact Sheffield Physiotherapy  and arrange an appointment for an initial assessment and treatment session.

Stress fracture, also known as bone fatigue fracture, is a small crack within the bone structure caused by repeated stress or fewer but heavy weight usually on the leg or ankle. The fracture develops in the outer shell of the bone. Runners are common victims of stress fractures due to the repetition of the running action. It may be caused by improper shoes or abnormal foot structure which is often due to muscular tightness but can also be related to weight problems and osteoporosis.

Excessive training specially for runners can lead to stress fractures. Rest and the use of crutches is often an effective treatment,  6 weeks is the estimated healing period but it can be longer depending on the severity of the case.

Progressive rehabilitation is a vital part of the healing process making sure that the tissues are progressively loaded and the relevant muscles strengthened. In order to help prevent stress fractures it is important to have a balanced diet and avoid wearing old running shoes. A good stretching program developed specifically for you by a physiotherapist is also a good way to prevent stress fractures and other injuries.