Sports Injuries


For many people it is during their sporting activity that they push themselves the hardest and are therefore most at risk of injury.
At Sheffield Physiotherapy we have experience in the treatment of sports related injuries in both elite athletes and those with less ambitious aspirations. If you’re suffering from a sports injury then the correct diagnosis and treatment will speed recovery, help prevent recurrence and can lead to improved performance through improvements in bio-mechanics, muscular strength and co-ordination.


Sports injuries normally occur in one of two ways:

1. Acute Injuries

These often occur suddenly such as an ankle sprain, or build up quickly such as a muscle that begins to cramp during a run, they may also involve an impact such as a bad tackle. These injuries often involve muscles and their tendons or a joint and it’s supporting ligaments. Initially acute injuries are hot, inflamed (swollen) and painful and there is often protective muscle spasm. In such cases early treatment is essential to reduce the swelling, heat and pain and reduce the muscle spasm. As the condition improves the focus moves to rehabilitation back to full sporting activity as well as injury prevention.

2. Chronic Injuries

Often these start more gradually but last longer, sometimes causing problems for years. There is generally less heat and swelling than is seen in an acute injury and the pain is more likely to be a deeper, duller ache. The failure of the condition to improve indicates that the tissues are being overstrained which is thwarting the healing process. In these cases the focus is on addressing the cause of the overstrain as well as treating the injured tissues.

Restoration of normal bio-mechanics through improved joint mobility, muscle length and tissue circulation can relieve the overstrain allowing the tissues to heal. As with the acute injury as the condition begins to improve levels of activity are increased and sporting activities can be reintroduced or built up back to the desired level.

Expert help from a Chartered Physiotherapist helps prevent your injury taking you out of the sporting arena for any longer than necessary.



At Sheffield Physiotherapy we offer:


  • Clinicians experienced in the assessment and accurate diagnosis of sports related injuries.
  • Treatment and advice designed specifically to get you back to full fitness and performance.
  • Advice on injury prevention specific to your sport.

You may also benefit from the other forms of therapy that are available at Sheffield Physiotherapy such as Acupuncture or Sports Massage.


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