At Sheffield Physiotherapy we specialise in the treatment of sports injuries. Our range of facilities allows us to diagnose and treat a wide range of muscular or bone related injuries which require professional sports physio.

The majority of people in the 21st century spend time enjoying sports activities, and this can be anything from walking at the weekend to playing rugby at a local or regional level. When we put ourselves through anything strenuous there is a chance of a sports related injury, and this can easily affect our lives.

From tennis elbow to pulled muscles, strains and tears, slight pulls or even breaks, sports physio is a must when we find that our body needs urgent specialist treatment.

Being a leading qualified sports physiotherapy practice in Sheffield, we pride ourselves in providing specialist care for better long term results. We want to see our clients back to full health as soon as possible, and this can only be achieved through professional diagnosis. A pain relief and sports injury repair program will help in treating any type of sports injury and see you on the road to recovery.

Call today for an assessment and get the quality and professional advice your body requires.