IDD Therapy Spinal Decompression

What is IDD Therapy?

Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy is a trusted, non-surgical treatment that decompresses the spine and gently stretches tight muscles and ligaments. It is a potential solution for back pain, neck pain, and some related conditions. With IDD therapy we use the Acu-Spina medical device to deliver computer controlled pulling forces. It offers a solution that is not possible with manual treatment alone.

How Does IDD Therapy Work?

IDD therapy distracts (pulls apart) targeted areas of the spine. This takes the pressure of an injured or bulging disc, allowing it to heal. When the area of the spine is decompressed it relieves pain caused by muscle spasm and frees nerves and disks that have become trapped and irritated. IDD therapy promotes the movement and absorption of fluids and nutrients in the disc space. These fluids and nutrients are essential for disc health. It also stretches stiff muscles and ligaments, so that mobility and flexibility can be restored to the spine.

Clinical Director, John Wood explains;

“Physiotherapy treatment is extremely effective in dealing with many forms of back pain; however some patients – particularly those with disc-related problems – need something more than manual therapy to help their condition improve.

At Sheffield Physiotherapy we now have an advanced back pain programme combining IDD with manual therapy and rehabilitation exercise.

We’re proud to be the first clinic in Yorkshire to include IDD Therapy as part of our back pain treatment services. For anyone suffering from a disc-related problem which does not require immediate surgical intervention, the IDD Therapy treatment programme is definitely something worth considering.

From a clinician’s perspective, it is extremely satisfying to be able to do more for my chronic back and neck pain patients. IDD isn’t a cure-all, but the results for many patients can be life-changing.”

Pain-Free after IDD Therapy!


What Does IDD Therapy Involve?

IDD Therapy is delivered by the SPINA range of FDA cleared Class II medical devices. These new machines use sophisticated computer software to apply controlled pulling forces at measured angles in a precise and safe manner to a patient who remains fully clothed, comfortable and relaxed on the treatment bed.

Ergonomic harnesses connect the patient to the SPINA machine and taking into account the patient’s weight and condition, a distraction force (stretch) is applied to targeted segments of the spine. Pulling forces are gradually increased over the course of treatments as the body becomes conditioned to the treatment. All aspects of IDD Therapy are recorded by the SPINA machine.

In addition to treatment on the SPINA machine, patients begin with ten minutes of infrared heat applied to their lower back using new carbon fabric infrared pads worn against the body (Thermedic). These infrared pads help to relieve pain and increase blood flow in the target area. Warming muscles and ligaments help to make them more supple and this allows a deeper and more comfortable distraction on the machine. After treatment on the SPINA machine, patients have ten minutes with cold therapy to help prevent any temporary soreness caused by muscles being worked in a new way.

Each treatment lasts for between 45 minutes and 1 hour and is priced at £60. IDD-Therapy may be classified under “Physiotherapy” for your health insurance. You may be able to receive full or partial compensation for your treatment costs. The treatment will typically be spread over 4-6 weeks, the number of sessions you need will be dependent on your condition.

Who is Suitable for IDD Therapy?

IDD is suitable for patients suffering from unresolved back pain, neck pain, leg pain (sciatica) or arm pain caused by spinal nerve root irritation. Most commonly, patients with bulging or herniated discs (‘slipped disc’), degenerative disc disease and chronic stiffness in the lower back are candidates for treatment.

In most cases, patients have had back pain for more than three months. They will have already had standard conservative treatments and feel that their unresolved back pain is continuing to impact negatively on their life. Patients may be taking pain medications and in the extreme, maybe considering pain injections and/or surgery.

How Can I Get IDD Therapy?

To see if IDD therapy can help you, call us on 0114 268 6677, email

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