Back & Neck Pain Physiotherapy

Have you tried other therapies without gaining relief?

Power Assisted Micro-manipulation (PAMM) is an advanced spinal treatment available at Sheffield Physiotherapy which has helped many patients gain long term improvement in their pain and therefore return to the activities that they had been forced to give up.

To function correctly each area of the spine needs to be supple so that it can absorb the stresses created as we move. PAMM is a full spinal treatment that is designed to straighten and restore movement to all the spinal segments. It is this unique approach that brings about long term relief of pain and the restoration of movement and function, even in people who have suffered for 20 years or more and tried everything.

Patient Review:

John Wood has made a great difference to the quality of my life over the recent weeks. I have for some months been suffering a great deal of pain in respect of my back, which has meant that it has curtailed my activities greatly and it had been difficult to work. I have had six appointments, and have had treatment with the PAM machine on my back. He has advised me on what exercises would be most beneficial. The result has been a very marked improvement, and I am able to once again go for long walks and do more energetic sessions at my personal training. The venue for treatment is very pleasant and relaxing and I thoroughly recommend John as a practitioner. Ann Buckley

The treatment with PAMM isĀ very safe and there are no sudden or violent movements. The treatment works along the entire spine and has been designed to address the cause of the problem not just the symptoms.

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Video: Power Assisted Micro-manipulation Explained