Spinal Conditions Information

We take it for granted that the body heals itself, yet if you are seeking help with spinal pain then there has been a breakdown in the body’s natural healing mechanisms. At Sheffield Physiotherapy we have invested in unique state of the art equipment that allows us to go beyond what can be achieved by hand alone. As a consequence it is not uncommon for our patients to travel long distances to take advantage of our experience and facilities in the treatment of their spinal condition.

back-neck-pain2Power Assisted Micro-manipulation is a unique hand held device that effectively gives the therapist bionic fingers. The therapist retains an amazing level of sensitivity and control without the constraint of hands which grow tired, this allows large parts of the spine to be progressively mobilised back to more normal mobility. It is important to understand that only when the spine is supple and correctly aligned can it function correctly to dissipate the stresses and strains generated during movement. If you desire pain free movement and function over the long-term then restoring the mobility and alignment of your spine is essential, and must be at the core of your strategy to achieve this goal.



IDD Non-surgical Spinal Decompression uses computer-controlled pulling forces to draw apart specific segments of the spine where the disc has become narrowed, is bulging or has become degenerate. This has the effect of promoting the absorption of fluid and nutrients into the disc and relieving pressure on trapped spinal nerves. By distracting the vertebral segments tight or stiff muscles and ligaments can be loosened improving the movement available. IDD Therapy is suitable for patients with unresolved back or neck pain who may also have pain from spinal nerve root irritation such as sciatica. Most people will have had their symptoms more than three months and will have already tried standard conservative treatments without gaining relief.



When used in combination with skilful practitioners who also incorporate postural exercises, education and progressive rehabilitation, the results can be impressive. (Click here to see more information on the importance of Progressive Rehabilitation).

To help you navigate the site quickly and effectively and find the most relevant information for you we have divided the information into two broad categories:

Recent Onset of Spinal Pain – People who have suffered a recent episode of pain and are seeking a remedy to take them back to a previously pain free state.

Ongoing Spinal Pain – People who have been suffering with ongoing spinal pain for months and possibly years without finding a successful solution. https://www.sheffieldphysiotherapy.co.uk/importance-progressive-rehabilitation/