Solution to Spinal Pain Test

Free From Back Pain

The solution to the majority of spinal pain is to restore mobility to the stiffened segments and correct any rotations or tilted segments therefore reducing the strain on damaged discs, ligaments and joints.

The reason that spinal pain has become such a problem is that it is virtually impossible to achieve this by hand alone. Fortunately now after years of research Power Assisted Micro-manipulation (PAMM) has been developed specifically to achieve these goals.

The pamm handset has four fingers, which act like a bionic hand, its mechanism is so precise that the therapist retains superb feel of the joints, muscles and soft tissues.

The treatment involves using the handset to work between three settings:D020414_04

1.Introductory: this setting prepares the spinal muscles for the treatment session

2.Reflex: this setting stimulates the spinal reflexes such that the muscles effectively de-clutch allowing the vertebra to once again become correctly aligned.

3.Mobilisation: this setting progressively restores mobility to the stiffened areas of the spine. This procedure can not be achieved by hand as the spinal joints are designed to withstand considerable strain while the therapists hands by comparison are not.

The PAMM handset therefore gives to the therapist the required tool for the task of restoring mobility and correcting the alignment of a patients spine.
Once treatment starts tissues usually begin to heal and the pain will begin to subside this results in any protective muscle spasm beginning to reduce, relieving the compressive forces they had been exerting on the spine. This reduction in compression particularly benefits the inter-vertebral discs as it can cause them to bulge and dehydrate but also the spinal joints and ligaments.
Reduced muscle spasm leads to a virtuous circle of further improvement in pain and healing and therefore a further reduction in protective muscle spasm.

Prior to being treated with PAMM a full spinal assessment is carried out to arrive at a clinical diagnosis. If  PAMM treatment is indicated then the first treatment session can be given. The treatment works on the whole spine and typically requires 5-6 sessions before you can start getting back to the activities you had been avoiding. If the problem is long standing and sever after a few sessions with PAMM a course of IDD Therapy may be indicated.