Woman holding painful Wrist/HandWhat is it? Repetitive Strain Injury is an umbrella term for injuries caused by repeated movements.

Common Cause: Repeated occupational overuse of the wrist.

Common Symptoms: Pain on movement which worsens after activity leading to reduced function.

How can Physiotherapy help? It can help alleviate overstrain and improve the circulation of injured tissues which helps promote healing. It can teach you better ways to use the wrist or affected joint in everyday life, which helps prevent further damage, and ultimately reduces pain and facilitates better function.

What to expect during treatment: Massage and stretching of soft tissues and mobilisation of affected joints. Exercises and advice regarding working postures and activities in order to find the most efficient way of completing a task such that the strain on the body’s tissues is reduced.

What can you do to help yourself: Regular rest periods, use the affected joint as instructed by the physiotherapist.