Recent Onset of Spinal Pain


What Causes Recent Onset of Spinal Pain?


Spinal pain generally occurs when the spine becomes misaligned. Spinal pain can become an issue due to a multitude of causes but can be from something as simple as bending awkwardly, lifting heavy objects or slouching in chairs.


When the spine becomes misaligned significant amounts of muscle spasm are created, which limits spinal movement. This creates a deteriorating cycle of sharp pain and severe back ache.


What Therapy Can Help?


Luckily quick improvement of back pain and spinal muscle can be achieved with PAMM Therapy (Power Assisted Micro Manipulation). With PAMM Therapy, the pysiotherapist uses a special handset to help them realign the spine and re-introduce mobility to the area. PAMM Therapy is a progressive and rehabilitating therapy. The aim is to encourage the bodies healing process. Uniquely, with this therapy the entire spine is treated, greatly reducing the likelihood of future episodes. It is an excellent long term solution for spinal problems. To learn more about PAMM therapy, click here.


The physiotherapist can also give you guidance on how to increase activity and how to strengthen the postural muscles.


How Can I Avoid Spinal Pain?


  • Keep your back strong and supple. Regular exercise will help, so try and stay active. 
  • Make sure you lift heavy objects correctly.
  • Maintain a good posture when sitting, driving and standing. 
  • Wear flat shoes with cushioned soles.
  • Avoid sudden movements.
  • Too much upper body weight can strain the back, so losing weight may help.

The Importance of Progressive Rehabilitation


When people start to experience chronic pain they tend to reduce their activity to minimize the pain. In fact, the opposite should happen. It is crucial to progressively increase activity.


When activity is increased in the right way pain should subside after the first 5-10 minutes of exercise. This is because the brain becomes overwhelmed with information and the pain soon goes off the radar. Physiotherapists know how you can use this pain free exercise to strengthen and mobilise the muscles and joints. The brain has a massive flexibility to turn up or down it’s sensitivity to pain and can even create or reduce inflammation. Pain is actually not indicative of how much damage an area has. At a subconscious level the brain thinks that if activity is happening, then things must be improving. So exercise is a very helpful way to reduce pain. Your physiotherapist can help you work towards a rehabilitative exercise regime that will promote healing.


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