Woman holding painful Wrist/HandOur Sheffield clinic for treatment of numbness and associated pain is open to anyone in the region. We have expert staff trained in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of Paresthesia, and can help you find relief from what can be a very troublesome and painful problem. Call today for an appointment.

If you feel pins and needles on your skin, then you  are experiencing paresthesia. The hands and feet are the most commonly affected area. It can develop into a numbness that begins with just a simple tingling feeling. Pressure on the nerve can lead to paresthesia once relieved the tingling is gone after few minutes.

Causes of paresthesia or obdormition are; dehydration, whiplash, malnutrition, hyperventilation syndrome, panic attack and insufficient blood supply.  The symptoms of  paresthesia are pain, weakness, cramps, swelling, redness, and paleness. Therapy and treatment for paresthesia is varied and depends on each particulr case. Different treatments used around the world include; massage with oil or ointments containing capsaicin which can give temporary relief, and acupuncture which in some contries is considered to be big help as well as.