PAMM Therapy Testimonials

I came to John 6 months ago with a complicated set of symptoms that affected my back, neck, arms and hands. I had been to see many different specialists prior to seeing John, both through the NHS and privately. No-one seemed able to help me and I came to him with little hope of getting any significant improvement. I was in pain and the neurological symptoms in my arms and hands meant that they were simply not doing what they should be doing. I was frightened and worried by my symptoms. Furthermore, I couldn’t work and my mood was very low as a result. John treated me using a combination of cupping, acupuncture and massage to improve the circulation of areas affected by RSI. He used a PAMM machine to mobilise the soft tissues of my stiff thoracic spine (stiffened through a back injury and then worsened by long hours of standing). One by one, all of my symptoms were addressed in a systematic fashion. Treatments initially at weekly intervals became fortnightly, as things started to improve. 6 months on and I am seeing John once a month for the last vestiges of my symptoms. I am 95% better and back in work. John Wood is an excellent Physiotherapist and I highly recommend him. Deepa Shetty

John Wood has made a great difference to the quality of my life over the recent weeks. I have for some months been suffering a great deal of pain in respect of my back, which has meant that it has curtailed my activities greatly and it had been difficult to work. I have had six appointments, and have had treatment with the PAM machine on my back. He has advised me on what exercises would be most beneficial. The result has been a very marked improvement, and I am able to once again go for long walks and do more energetic sessions at my personal training. The venue for treatment is very pleasant and relaxing and I thoroughly recommend John as a practitioner. Ann Buckley

I started with back pain, then sciatica. I had physio, acupuncture and saw a chiropractor. After two months I could only walk a few steps. Pain was horrific in my lower back and down my left leg. I had an M.R.I. Scan which revealed a large disc prolapse on left L5/S1 disc. Had two micro-discectomy operations on this disc also pain relief injections on facet joints. I improved, but still had pain and discomfort.I was depressed and my life was limited. My doctor gave me John Wood’s number at Sheffield Physiotherapy. I made an appointment, but did not hold much hope. Slowly I began to improve, my very active life eventually returned to normal. I have no hesitation in recommending John Wood at SheffieldPhysiotherapy for treatment for Minor and Major back problems. Sandra Hobson