When we think about investments, most of us probably think of stocks and shares, without considering that our greatest asset and one we should be concentrating on nurturing, protecting, and rewarding, is our bodily health.
Physiotherapy and sports massage are typically understood to be interventions; treatments we engage with to help us recover from injury or exertion. While both sports massage and physiotherapy are helpful practices that no one should be afraid to apply to their own life and well-being, following up these kinds of interventions with some targeted, ongoing well-being therapies is a good way to keep your body in peak condition, and avoid issues and injuries in the future.
At Sheffield Physiotherapy, proven techniques and passionate minds have come together to create two dynamic treatment plans to ensure your body remains in optimal condition, and that you feel full of health and vitality no matter what life throws at you.
Your body goes through a lot, every day, whether you’re running, training, sitting at your computer during the working day, or absorbing all the stress and tension of a typically busy 21st-century life, and you don’t deserve to suffer for that!
With two new plans – the My Body’s Maintenance Plan, which is designed as a continuation of physiotherapy, and the My Body Deserves It Plan, which  extends the benefits of sports massage, Sheffield Physiotherapy can work with you to ensure your physical health holds to a  natural, vital ‘gold standard’ of well-being, and brings you far more benefits than any financial investment.

When you sign up for a series of sessions for either the My Body’s Maintenance Plan or the My Body Deserves It Plan, you receive not just the benefit to your overall health and well-being, but also a saving on the per- session cost; at under £50 a session whatever your length of commitment, both plans represent an affordable contribution to building an asset that is worth investing in, and that will more than pay off for years to come.

My Body’s Maintenance gives you focused support to help your body dissipate the stresses it absorbs during the working day, as well as helping you to improve your posture, and encouraging you to enjoy the benefits of keeping fit and active. An excellent continuation of the benefits of physiotherapy, My Body’s Maintenance is a plan designed for the contemporary experience and crafted around the physical rehabilitation needs of busy people with demanding lifestyles.

Meanwhile, the committed sports enthusiasts among you will benefit from following a sports massage routine with My Body Deserves It, a plan designed to help you give back to the body. It helps you attain the performance you need, and is crafted to offer you a reward for your dedication to excellence, and focuses on continuous improvement.

Sheffield Physiotherapy’s My Body’s Maintenance Plan and My Body Deserves It Plan are a treat for you, your body, and your lifelong well-being. Ask us more about these plans – call us on 0114 268 6677.