Woman holding painful ankleWhat is it? A gradual pain of the heel that can persist and develop into chronic pain.

Common Cause: Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain, however inflammation of the bursa (a fluid sac under the heel) and nerve compression in the lower back can also cause the pain.

Common Symptoms: Pain and inflammation in and around the heel.

How can Physiotherapy help? It can reduce pain, restore movement and regain normal function with reduced occurrence of symptoms.

What to expect during treatment? Pain relief through soft tissue massage, joint manipulation and possible use of acupuncture. Advice will also be given for everyday use of the ankle and exercises to maintain function.

What can you do for yourself? Seek advice from a physiotherapist and give the ankle rest periods between use. The use of pain killers may also be essential in order to maintain as much movement in the ankle as possible.