Are you Struggling with Back or Neck pain?

Frustrated by a Sports Injury?

  • Do you worry that you might have to learn to live with the pain?

  • Are you frightened that you’ve reached the age when painful joints are just a fact of life?

  • Are you confused about who you should see in order to find a solution?

You are not alone, we specialise in helping people who are suffering from back pain, neck pain or a sports injury move and feel better so they can enjoy their lives fully once again.

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” How to Move and Feel Better Fast”

Physiotherapy Consultation

What to Expect

  • You’ll be seen by a friendly and professional physiotherapist who will put you at ease and guide you each step of the way

  • You’ll get a Diagnosis and a careful explanation so that you know what is causing the pain and limiting your movement

  • You’ll find out what you can be doing right away to get some relief from the pain and reduce the muscle spasm

  • You’ll get a plan of action explaining how physiotherapy can help reduce your back pain, neck pain or sports injury and prevent the problem recurring

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Here is what our clients are saying

From suffering with severe back and leg pain for 10 years and only being able to walk for 10 minutes at a time to hiking in the Lake District for over 6 hours without a problem.

From not being able to dance or work properly for two years because of arm and leg pain due to 2 bulging discs to virtually pain free in 5 sessions!

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