So many people suffer in silence when it comes to pain in their feet. There are many ways in which the feet take a large amount of strain, and they are often at the beginning of more serious problems such as back and leg pain, sometimes leading to sciatica and numbness amongst other symptoms.

Treatment of foot conditions and gaining relief  from pain is based around the diagnosis of the problem. We attempt to establish what is causing that problem, and how to prevent the re-occurrence of pain effecting the foot. Sometimes it can be something simple like the shoes we wear or the way we walk. Quite often the sports we play can cause feet to become painful due to the stresses imparted to them as we move. At Sheffield Physiotherapy  we have expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of foot pain.

Our physio sessions are designed to address the cause of your painful feet pain and help you understand the problem. Book in now to see a physiotherapist at our clinic on Ecclesall Road.