Cycling Injuries

Cycling involves as many as 5,000 revolutions an hour in the peddle cycle. When the tissue in the body is repetitively stressed in this way, injury occurs. No wonder over 95% of cyclists report having experienced an over use injury at some point.

These injuries do not just occur in the legs. In fact, your neck, lower back, knee, groin, buttocks or hands can all be damaged through cycling.


At Sheffield Physiotherapy we take you, your bike and your training into account when diagnosing and clinically reasoning why your pain has started.


Preventing Injury


Your Bike – Getting a professional bike fit


It is essential that your bike is correctly fit for you so that your bio-mechanics are optimised. This is unique for every person. Without the correct setup, the body moves into positions that can cause micro trauma to tissues. With the repetitive movement of cycling a peddle, this micro trauma exacerbates and gradually becomes a macro trauma, which causes so much pain it may have an impact on your mobility.


Through experience and our knowledge of cycling, we can assess and alter your bike fit so it is uniquely tailored to you. Not only will having your bike professionally fit prevent injury, it will also maximize performance.


Your Body


The bio-mechanics of a person are just as important for cycling performance as the mechanics of a bike. Both bicycle and person must work together harmoniously to prevent injury.


We carefully assess the alignment of your skeletal structure, your range of and your muscular strength. Often when these deviate from ‘normal’ the body moves into undesirable positions and macro trauma begins to develop.


Your Training


Your training methods may be contributing towards your pain. Typically, pain coincides with recent changes in your training. If you increase your distance, inclines, or your pedal cadence too suddenly then you will begin to notice new pain or injury. We will discuss training with you to help you avoid injury or over use.


How Can Physiotherapy Help With Cycling Injuires?


If your bike, training and bio-mechanics are not working together properly, then you will eventually experience injury. Contact Sheffield Physiotherapy for a professional bike setup and advice on your training and bio mechanics. If you do become injured there are many ways we can help you. We can provide soft tissue massage electrotherapy and acupuncture to reduce pain and swelling and strengthen your joints and muscles.


If your spine becomes injured then we may suggest PAMM or IDD therapy.


How Can I Help Myself?


Before you call a physiotherapist there are things you can do at home to ease the pain and swelling of your injury.


  • Take Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory medication (NSAID).
  •  Elevate the area.
  •  Rest.
  •  Put an ice pack on the area.
  •  Give the area a gentle massage
  •  Try and gently stretch the joint.
  •  Compress the area with a bandage.


To get your cycling injury treated quickly, or for advice on bio-mechanics, training and a professional bike fit, call us on 0114 268 6677 or email You can also book an appointment with Sheffield Physiotherapy online.