Complementary Therapies

Our philosophy at Sheffield Physiotherapy is to get people out of pain and doing the things that they enjoy, and then help them to maintain their improvement. To this end we have a range of complementary therapies available at the clinic:

We have experienced massage therapists who offer both gentle relaxing Swedish style massage as well as the more vigorous and stimulating sports massage.

We also offer Traditional Thai Massage which is an excellent way of maintaining/improving flexibility and extensibility of the joints and soft tissues.

Thai reflexology is an age-old therapy that manages to be both relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

Visit the pages below to find out more:

  • Sports massage
    Sports Massage is a speciality within remedial massage. Its focus is on recovery from the effects of training or competition, and the prevention and treatment of injury. Each sports massage is targeted at specific muscle groups to suit the physical activities of the client This may be sport, dance or indeed any form of exercise.
  • Swedish Massage
    Is a style of massage that uses oil and relieves muscular tension by the use of stroking, kneading, pressure and flowing movements which helps to induce a state of deep relaxation.
  • Traditional Thai massage
    Like other styles of massage, traditional Thai massage increases vascular activity which breaks up and moves trapped toxins. But Thai massage is unique because it directs all the toxins out, both energetically and physiologically.
  • Thai Reflexology
    The treatment balances the systems of the body, improves the circulatory and lymphatic systems and assists in the acceleration of physical healing. The therapy is highly beneficial in reducing swelling and water retention.
  • Complementary FAQ
    Will I be treated by a physiotherapist? No, you will be treated by a therapist trained in the complementary therapy you are having.