The vital feature of CellSonic Shockwave is its ability to produce a sudden soundwave which is created by a spark within the handset of the machine. These sound shocks occur very abruptly and are very intense in nature so that as these pressure pulses pass through the tissues, they have a unique effect upon the cells of the body.

As these pulses strike the tissues they cause the cells to be momentarily deformed which happens within a fraction of a micro-second. This rapid deformation elicits the cells to emit a tiny electrical discharge called a piezoelectric current. Altering tissue voltage has a dramatic effect on the rate at which the body heals. This stimulation causes the body to increase the number of blood vessels in the area bringing in more vital nutrients and also oxygen to the area. Stem cells are also directed to the area and these aid tissue regeneration and repair. Any bacteria or viruses locally are killed by these intense pressure pulses as are any unhealthy cells.

Overall the effect of VIPP Shockwave is a dramatic uptick in tissue healing, a consequential reduction in pain and the ability to return more quickly to sporting and work endeavours than would otherwise have been the case.

The treatment involves the application of a contact gel to allow for the transmission of the shockwaves into the tissues. The treatment head is gently pressed against the area requiring treatment and a number of shocks are applied. The intensity of each shock can be increased and this is often done so such that there is a mild pain with each shock. In this way, the optimal dose can be delivered without the need to cause an increase in symptoms or for the treatment to be unpleasant.

Improvements in pain and movement are often experienced within just a few hours or days of beginning a course of treatment. Treatments are conducted every 7-14 days and typically just 4-5 are required for even longstanding and stubborn conditions which have failed to improve with other forms of treatment.

VIPP Shockwave has been used in sports medicine clinics worldwide for a number of years. It is not a new treatment. There is scientific evidence to show that:

  • Tennis and golfers elbowIt is as effective as 3 months of eccentric strengthening for Achilles tendinopathy.
  • It is an effective treatment for proximal hamstring tendinopathy in professional athletes.
  • It is superior to eccentric strengthening and more ‘traditional’ rehabilitation techniques for insertional Achilles tendinopathy
  • It is an effective treatment for plantar fascia dysfunction (fasciitis) and has been FDA approved for this condition
  • It is effective for treating trochanteric pain
  • Can be used to treat tennis and golfers elbow (tendinopathy affecting the common extensor and flexor tendons at the elbow)

In addition to these conditions, we have been seeing excellent results in a number of other conditions including:

  • Osteoarthritis of the knee and also hip.
  • Low lumbar spine pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Shoulder tendon injuries
  • Tennis and golfers elblow

We consider ourselves very fortunate as a clinic to be able to offer our patients a unique and we believe uniquely effective treatment tool in the form of CellSonic VIPP Shockwave. If you think it might be able to benefit you please ask us for more details.

All treatment at Sheffield Physiotherapy comes with the peace of mind of a total satisfaction 90-day money back guarantee.