Man holding a painful right shoulderWhat is it? Catching shoulder pain is a very common complaint, when pain is felt on the majority of shoulder movements.

Common Cause: Pinching and catching of a nerve within the shoulder is normally secondary to arthritic changes within the ball and socket joint. Sometimes the muscles around the shoulder can be torn from injury or repetitive strain injuries also causing this catching pain.

Common Symptoms: Sharp shooting pain during every day shoulder and arm movements.

How can Physiotherapy help? A physiotherapist can identify the root of the problem and treat that with a range of techniques appropriate to that problem area.

What to expect during treatment: Treatments may include mobilisations of the neck, manipulation techniques on the shoulder, and stretching of the neck and shoulder.

What can you do for yourself? If this sort of pain persists over a few weeks or mobility of the shoulder decreases seek advice from a physiotherapist.