Woman holding onto her painful left calfWhat is it? A Calf Strain is a common sports injury in which the calf muscles are stretched beyond their limits

Common Cause: The calf muscle and tendon tissues tear as the muscle contracts strongly. Tears are classified according to the degree damage.

Common Symptoms: Tightness and pain on the calf bulk during movement.

How can Physiotherapy help? When muscle and tendon tissues tear they bleed and become inflamed as they begin to heal. If some blood becomes trapped it slows down the recovery process, treatment in the early stages encourages the removal of this bruising and inflammation. As the tissues begin to heal and the pain eases a progressive exercise program can begin in order to regain normal function.

What to expect during treatment? Soft tissue massage, electrotherapy, rehabilitation for stretching and strengthening, fitness training to regain full function.

What can you do for yourself? Rest, Ice elevation and compression with a bandage at first, as the symptoms ease progressively increase activity and begin gently stretching the injured tissues.