Man holding a painful back due to back knottsBack pain and back spasms are key treatment areas for Sheffield Physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists have the experience needed to help you find relief from your back problems.

If the patient experiences pain in the lower back when pulling, pushing and twisting, they are almost certainly suffering from back spasms. When we say  “back spasm” it means the spontaneous or abnormal contraction of muscles that  attach to the spine, it can be very painful and disrupt your life significantly.

The spasm is in effect muscular splinting as is the bodies attempt to prevent an area of the spine that has become over strained from moving excessivley causing further damage. This works fine in the short term and often muscular spasms around the low back only last a few days. If however they continue the compression caused within the spine can cause the development of bulges within the disc. It is for this reason that it it is important to seek effective treatment early if you suffer form a back spasm that does not settle with rest and the application of either warmth or ice after a few days.

The back muscles are strong and extend the entire length of the spine. If this muscles become injured it can cause a lot of problems in our daily life. This muscle is also responsible in maintaining our posture as well as balance. In order to treat this pain you must have the proper exercises as well as treatments such as massageacupuncture, and Power Assisted Micro-manipulation.

Sometimes simple things like a more comfortable mattress to improve sleep, and medications to relieve pain before bed can help sleep disturbance caused by back spasms. If back pain and muscle spasm is affecting the quality of your life simply call: 0114 268 6677 to book an appointment to see a physiotherapist.