Man holding a painful back due to back knottsAlmost all of us experience some degree of back pain at some point in our lives. For many though, back pain is a continuing problem in their life. It may develop due to improper lifting, stress, muscle tension, bending, carrying heavy things and even standing or sitting for a long period. However some are caused by an accident or sports injuries. There are physiotherapy treatment options such as Power Assisted Micro-manipulation, mobilisations and core stabilisation programs.

Depending on the severity of the pain, physiotherapy is the most practical solution for most long standing or sudden (acute) back pain. We have successfully treated patients with different kinds of acute and chronic pain in the back. Our physiotherapists are experienced in the treatment of acute back pain and are specialists at diagnosing and treating this problem areas.

General tips for preventing acute back problems include regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. There are other factors that can help to prevent acute back pain such as maintaining spinal and limb mobility and maintaining the strength of the core muscles which support the spine. Another way is adopting proper body postures when you are sitting, sleeping, standing and even driving. Proper care of your body is the best way to be free from pain and living life to the full.